Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Luck of the Draw

Good ole RNG. Man it can be a pain in the ass. This has been as apparent as ever for me recently with the Holliday boss dropping the Heart Shaped Box and my wife's Archaeology woes.

I am obviously doing the boss daily to try and get the pet and hopefully the mount. So far, I have acquired the pet....on my Paladin. I have also picked up the rose and the gas mask on my Shaman. GIVE ME STUFF ON MY MAIN!!!!

They should make the holliday pets that drop from the random bags account bound. That way you can choose which of your characters get it. You dont end up with the item you really wanted on your main sitting on a seldom used alt.

And archaeology. Dont even get me started on that one. My wife picked it up to get the pets....because she loves pets. She has all of them but one. The elusive "Creepy Crawly Hand" as we call it. This comes from Tol'Vir digs.

She has now solved over 150 tol'vir artifacts and 4 of the six rare ones. She has the mount already. It is driving her absolutely batty. I can understand why.

She has spent many days doing not much more than Archaeology for this one thing.....and it has still yet to drop. Very, very rough.

RNG is nice when it hits, but its a real bitch when it wants to be.


K. White said...

I feel your pain on that. Had to destroy a Toxic Oozeling today that my pally already had. I wish I could have sent it off to my warlock. :(

Holystump said...

"They should make the holliday pets that drop from the random bags account bound."

OHHHHH MYYYYYYY EFFINGGGGGGGG GAAAAAAWWWWWWD, YESSSSSSSS please. Include other drops in that, too. How many times have I seen the Horseman's Helm drop on my non-plate wearer's? How many times have I seen AGI daggers drop for my casters? Makes blood shoot out of my eye sockets every times it happens.