Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy Friday Everyone!

And Happy March for that matter.

The pre expansion blue are in full effect at this point.

The most fun I am having playing games is in MW3.

A lot of my friends are playing Star Wars. I played it, but did not enjoy it as much as WoW. Not a bad game, but the end game was severely lacking for me.

My wife has all of the pets that she can get in game outside of a few holliday ones. Now she is not sure what she wants to do.

I am looking forward to MoP. I am hoping that going forward, they can start releasing expansion as people start to feel the end of expansion blues rather than after they have been feeling that way for months.

I am really looking forward to D3. I love me some hacking and slashing.

So, an open question to the very few readers I do get there anything in particular that you would like to hear me write about.

Maybe I should do some kind of WoW a play by play of my wife playing WoW. I dont know.


Arioch said...

Social experiments in WoW are always fun. Is your wife interested in writing a guest post about her experiences?

Darraxus said...

That is a possibilty. She is great at telling stories, so I think she could put that on blog paper lol.

She just started a rogue and does not know the first thing about them. That could be a good topic.

Diglrr said...

Hey keep writing Darraxus. I have you on my blog roll for a reason. I am in the same situation. Last night I spent about an hour messing around with Xperl. All I have been doing is playing alts and messing around with my addons. I need things to keep me busy at work and reading even the shortest blogs are great to keep my mind busy.

SirFWALGMan said...

..write about other games.. nobody would mind... or if you find something that rekindles your interest during the blues share it with all us others going through the blues..