Monday, March 5, 2012

Weekend Update

Well, as has been the norm for past weekends, there is not a whole lot going on for me in WoW.

I have been trying to get my wife to write something since she is enjoying her adventures as a rogue. I never thought that a Rogue would be a class she would be even remotely interested in.

I did my Darkmoon dailies and whatnot when they popped up. I am a few tokens away from yet another pet.

I have not even been really keeping up on my shuffle. There is a lot of work that needs to be done in that area.

The one thing I miss is running things with Friends.

Another thing that would be awesome would be more character slots. I am not interested in starting on other realms. I want to make more toons on mine.

The rest of my gaming time over the weekend was spent in MW3. I feel like I am improving slowly but surely. Practice makes perfect I guess. I still die too much though.


Heywood Djiblomi said...

Just to see if my shuffle technique is fairly sound:

1) Prospect
2) Cut rare gems
3) Transmute uncommon Red/Orange/Purple (others as needed to replenish yellow/blue/green cuts)
4) Craft Jasper Rings and Alicite Pendants
5) DE greens, sell blues
6) Use DE products to make scrolls
7) Cut/vendor Zephyrite
8) ???
9) Profit?

Anything I'm missing?

Darraxus said...


I never trasmute anything other than red/orange however. It is just not profitable. I sell some of the uncommon purple gems on the AH and turn the rest into Jewelry.

Heywood Djiblomi said...

Hundreds of stacks ~40g tonight. Time for a mass buy, methinks...