Monday, March 26, 2012

Outland Defeated....Northrend is Next

So, we did a fair amount of instancing on out "lowbies" who are moving into non lowbie status.

We wanted to finish off all of the Outland instances before the Heroics. We had to do a bit of back and forth to be able to get the quests in each one, but we did it.

We completed Botannica, Arcatraz, Mechinar, Shadow Labs, Black Morass, Shattered Halls, and Magisters Terrace over the weekend.

In order to do the quests in Magisters Terrace, we had to get to 70. We were all sitting at 69 (except my wife who is a bit ahead of us), so we did a couple of random Northrend Dungeons. We got Utgarde Keep both times.

After that, we ventured back into Magisters terrace and took it down quite easily.

I am looking forward to our other adventures in Northrend. Once we are done with Northrend, I anticipate that our playing will slow down a bit....mostly because the Cata content feels like such a damn drag.

On the positive side, I am LOVING the quests being put in the dungeons. This makes everything so much better. You no longer have to go through long quest chains in a zone you dont want to do (ahem, Grizzy Hills).

We are all sitting at 70 currently, with my wife at 71. She will probably be at 72 soon as she is also questing on the side. She is mostly trying to stay ahead because she has one heirloom compared to everyone else having several.

Onward to the Northrend Dungeons!

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