Monday, August 25, 2008

1700 rating!

I finally got my arena team to 1700. I picked up my season 4 boots and will be purchasing my season 4 helmets as soon as the points roll over. I am also only 2.5 k honor away from getting my season 4 belt.

I think alot of team may underestimate my team due to it being a non cookie cutter type team. We have trouble with priests in general, but we beat most other combos pretty nicely. One of the normally annoying classes that we seem to smash to bits it the Druid. They usually dont last very long with my CCing them and Mura smashing their face off.

On a side note, I was kinda pissed this Saturday when I logged on to find that a bunch of people who usually go to my kara run started a run like 4 hours earlier. I thought it was bullshit, but the fact that it took them so long to clear it made me a bit happier. On a personal note, I proposed to my GF in San Francisco this weekend and of course she said yes! All in all an incredible weekend.

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Tom said...

Congrats on the rating AND the engagment!

Now 1800, marrage, 2050 and a kid (although I'm not sure what order lol)