Friday, August 8, 2008


So, with the news that you can get a tabbard for completing a battleground and a pet if you win one, it got me thinking. Why cant you make any money in PVP? Sure you can get a small amount of copper from killing and looting players, but that doesnt add up. Why cant there be a way to make money in PVP? People have to make money thru pve to respec so that they can pvp. They PVP for their gear, but then they have to turn around and PVE so that they can gem and enchant their shiny new purples.

This doesnt really make alot of sense to me. You dont have to PVP to be good at PVE, but you do have to do the opposite. This got my thinking....why cant corpses of players drop a bit more silver (not out of their own pocket) or some vendor trash. Also, why not make the drop rate for greens, blues, and epics slightly worse for PVP and make them drop from players. To make it so that the game does not get slowed down, there will be no rolls on these items. Whoever has the right to loot it (much like PVE) is the one who get the item. Whoever loots the body, the item goes automatically to who it was supposed to go to like auto loot.

This would make it a bit more profitable for players who prefer PVP to do what they want. PVPers dont have to run BT or SWP to get PVP gear, so why should they have to PVE for money. Well thats about it for my rant. This comes from someone who has septn much more time in the PVE aspect of the game. I have done my share of PVP and enjoy it, but there is really no profit to be had.


Tom said...

If you can get a good arena rating there's plenty of profit in carrying a person to various ratings. Current pricing on my server is

200g = 1550
???g = 1600
1,000g = 1700
2,000g = 1800

Darraxus said...

Yes, but that is only for the elite. Gladiators can carry a scrub to 1600, but the average Joe like myslef cannot. I need a good partner to do well. You dont need anyone in PVE to make money.

Tom said...

Yeah that's true. I've ammased quite a tidy sum for myself by combining a set of dailies with my PvP. Low PvP repair bill + 4-8 dailes per day = $$

But you're right about average joe PvPer's not being able to make money if they never leave the battlegrounds or arena.

I think blizzard made this intentional, as many of their policies force the PvP player to group with others.

Best PvP Cloak = 60 badges (PvE)
Best PvP Labram - 20 bages (PvE)
Best Gems = 15 badges (PvE)
Gold = Dailies/drops (PvE)

Anonymous said...

I must admit when I go on a PvP rampage I notice the lack of coin flowing in.

If nothing else, put a coin incentive on handing in the scraps etc in AV... that will encourage people to head back to base and summon things.

Just don't tie it to honor kills... otherwise battlegrounds will never end