Monday, August 11, 2008

I hate Monday

Going back to work sucks. Now on with the WoW. I ran kara as per usual this weekend and got Dory's Embrace for my Warrior. I wasnt able to do any Arena on my Warlock as my arena partner did not have his desk top and I wasnt going to do arena with a partner using a laptop mouse lol.

I did quite a bit of badge farming over the weekend as well. Got the 40 badges I will need from EoTS to get my season 4 boots once I hit 1700 (which I hope will be this week). Mura, my PvP partner got his Resto Shaman into the best PVP guild on the server Ramrod. Last night I did 5 WSG with Mura, two other long time in-game friends, and two other members of Ramrod. We completly dominated, winning all 5 by 3-0 scores. That was a nice quick 15 badges for a BG that is often a major pain for me. I usually finished top 3 damage, and I was also usually top 2 in healing lol.

I like playing my warlock, and the more I play, the better my strategies against other classes become. I have become very good an the manual fel hunter silence and I can only imagine how much it annoys healers. Dots get him down to 40 percent while he is healing team mates. He goes for a heal, and gets feared. Dots still ticking. He breaks the fear with his trinket and get silenced and drained. Dots still ticking. He tries to heal again, fear or deathcoil and he is dead.

I also found the I enjoy running into large groups of Horde (as long as they dont include a bunch of rogues) and just throwing up as many dots as I can before I die. If they dont have any healers with them I can kill several of them even after I am dead.

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