Thursday, August 21, 2008

The PVP Grind

Been grinding BGs like crazy the times that I have been able to play. In the last two days that I have played I have gained 18k honor. I have enough marks and honor for my season 4 boots but my 2s partner didnt log on so we didnt get to push to 1700. I would get the belt, but the boots are such a HUGE upgrade over my frozen shadoweave boots, so I am gonna see how my next arena session plays out.

I have noticed that Alliance in my Battegroup is doing a bit better, but we are still losing more than we win. I have been turning in alot of marks for honor. I basically queue up for all of the BGs except AV and flip thru them until I find one the is at leas partly done (if none of them are I just end up settling on the last one so I dont get the deserter debuff). This has been a much quicker way to earn honor.

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