Thursday, August 7, 2008

A little bit of burnout

I dont know what it is, but I find myself far less motivated to play lately. I havent been able to raid for a while, so when I am on I usually PVP. I am so damn sick of BGs. I have enjoyed arena for the most part, but it is the same formula seemingly every week. I start the week poorly on Weds nights when we get matched against a bunch of teams with season 3 weapons and are still in the 1600 bracket. Then on the following Sunday we usually get the rating back up to a decent level. Yesterday we had druids or rogues in pretty much every game we played. We only saw 1 shaman, no hunters, 1 or 2 paladins. Every team seemed to have a warrior, a rogue, a druid, or a priest on it.

Since Arena has been the only enjoyable thing I have been doing lately, it makes my whole gaming experience suck when I meet a team that has two brutal, 3 vengeful and was in the 2000s last season. It is just annoying. I think I need to get into a decent 3v3 or something because unfortunately, there is way too much rock paper scissors in 2s.

I actually logged off last night an hour earlier that I normally would. I was just that bored. I couldnt bring myself to do another BG and heroics seem like a waste of time to me at this point. Im not going to get into a pug that may not even make it all the wat thru the instance. Im sure alot of people are feeling my pain at the moment. I dont have time to raid, but pvp feels like somewhat of a dead end. I cant bring myself to level yet another toon to 70 (although I have been tempted to level my druid for pvp).

It also probably doesnt help that I see my friends on less and less often. Many of them are playing AoC at the moment, but Im not so sure my machine could run it (and if it did, I would have to play a low graphic settings. Oh well, perhaps my enthusiasm will pick up by this weekend. We shall see.

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Tom said...

Hey Darraxus, I saw your post on my blog, and I completely agree with you! Nice to see someone else feels my pain

Seems like we have similar frustrations, (and posts) I look forward to reading how S4 goes for you!

I'm going add your blog to my link list at