Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Arena and other such stuff

As always, I started the weekend with Saturday Night Kara. It was a nice, quick run with no wipes and took less than three hours. This was the second straight week we only took two healers. On Curator, we actually hit his enrage right as he finished the first evocate. He was also pulled while we were clearing the last trash mob and we picked him up without a single death. We had very few deaths as a whole (except for the pug mage who seemed to die every other pull. I led in the pew pew department by about 250K damage......and that was after I accidentally turned off bite instead of growl on my pet.

I also did what I have done so much of lately.....PVP. On Saturday I did a bunch of BGS and ended up getting over 5k honor for the day. The following day, we decided to do Arena to get our rating back up. We went from a 1568 rating to a 1660 rating and I went and bought my season 4 ring. My next goal is to get to 1700 and get my season 4 boots. After getting the ring I was left with a few hundred honor. So I went out and did BGs.....a TON of them. I ended the day with about 13k honor and hopefully if all goes well I will get my season 4 boots. Next week I will be getting my Brutal Chest and gem it with for resilience/stamina and damage/stamina.

Over the past several weeks I have become a much better PVPer. We also figured out the strength of out team. Besides my obvious crowd control and pet silence, I usually apply dots to both targets then CC. Mura does absolutely ridiculous burst damage (hence the team name "Mura Smash"). Two DPS generally arent a problem. Most healer/dps teams arent too bad either. Discipline Priests are the ones we have the most problems with. Mura has figured out that if he is working on the dps, the healer has to heal the DPS while my dots tick on both. If he then quickly switches over, he can basically two shot the healer.

I have found that the easiest healer for me to control is the paladin. If I can make him bubble quickly he is done for. After the bubble he gets feared and dotted. When he breaks fear I wait for him to cast and then silence him. When the silence is up I death coil him and then fear him again. Rinse and repeat until he is dead.

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