Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Good Medicine.....good pugs

So, last night I decided that I would actually do something other than reposting auctions. I grabbed my Warlock and got into a pug group that was doing a few instances. We started out with good ole reliable Violet Hold.

As much as I would love to tell the tales of a fail pug, this was anything but fail. We went in and one shotted everything. We got the Corehound boss and Zuramat the Obliterator for bosses. Neither one caused us any problems....except that Lavanthor killed my damn Imp. Poor little Zepuri. He seems to die in the fire more often that I would like....then I forget to resummon him.

From there, we decided to head over to the Nexus which was our Heroic Daily. Everything once again went smoothly....I died once on trash as the tank got frozen in place a bunch of times in a row. I am still quite annoyingly doing much higher single target DPS than AOE DPS. AOE for Warlocks used to be the time to inflate your it just seems to deflate it. One fun moment in the run came when someone actually fell to their death....into the abyss.

I was starting to get tired, but they roped me into one more. Heroc CoS, which was the regular daily. I really enjoy CoS, and this was no exception. We ran through it like a hot knife through butter. I passed on the drake because I still have not purchased epic flying on this toon and would rather give it to someone who can use it immediately.

With that nice chain of pug runs, it got me happy about WoW again. Good PuGs are the just the good medicine I needed....although a fail pug would have made for a better story :)


Unknown said...

Bah - there is enough bad news in the world! Enough QQ!

Anonymous said...

Bah, failpugs may be good for a quick laugh and for making onself look marginally less idiotic compared to the idiocy of others (heh, trust me on this ;) ) but successful PUGS are one of the pleasures of the game. Grats to you and your team mates.

Kusamoto said...

Awesome to hear a good PUG story once in awhile. It gives me hope for Silver Hand. Glad you are feeling back to normal, too. Swine Flu is the definition of "teh sux." Make sure to take it easy over the next few days to avoid relapsing...that's where the danger lies, so I've heard.