Friday, November 27, 2009

Turkey Day Brought Out the Turkeys

As the title was with some of the people playing last night?

First Turkey Award goes to a DK that lead a VoA 10 that I got into on my healer. I get there and the guy is wearing all PvP gear......with no enchants and no gems. The noob doesnt even have rings.....seriously. We ended up killing Koralon on a miracle (and having me and the other druid doing nearly 4k hps probably helped. We then killed Archavon and called it because the DPS was too low with the DK leading the raid doing a massive 1100.

The second and best Turkey award goes to a rogue that I ended up running UK with. A few pulls into the instance, he was doing 450 DPS!!!! I was like WTF? I noticed that he wasnt even using any poisons. When I brought up the poison issue he put on two of the same Anestetic 2 poison......yeah. After the first few room he had not done shit for damage....the tank then laughed at the terrible mace spec. Keep in mind that this rogue has fan of knives....and was doing that much dps. As we got into the room with the protodrake, I decided that I would challenge the rogue that I could outdamage them over the course of the instance as a healer.

Long story short.....I did it pretty easily actually. While healing and with nobody dying in the instance. That is my fail pug of the week. The image of the damage meter up top is that run.


*vlad* said...

Was the DK the only one who didn't have to 'link achifment an spec'?

This clearly shows the fallacy of the whole 'link achievement' ethos permanating WoW at the minute - any moron can be dragged through something like VoA or Ony, and it clearly doesn't prove that they know a single thing about their character.

James said...

I just came back to the game from a break since WotLK launched, started up a Warrior (never played the class before), and hit 70 this weekend.

Running quests and whatnot I usually have about 750ish DPS. Ran my first PUG yesterday and averaged 1,100 for the run. I figured this was average, but posts like this (and the recount from the other DPS in the group) make me scratch my head. A lot.