Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Real Azeroth Heroes (Part 4)

Darraxus Presents: Real Azeroth Heroes

(Real Azeroth Heroes)

Today we salute you Mr. 800 DPS at level 80 guy

(Mr. 800 DPS at level 80!)

You are the Deathknight or Hunter rolling on cloth gear. You know why? You make cloth armor look GOOOODDDD.

(Deathknights look nice in dresses)

And just like you, people love to pick up offset gear.

(That better be for your RP set!)

So, hop back into LFG. I have no idea how you found it, but we are grateful.

(Leet DPS in my pug group!)

So Mr. 800 DPS at level 80, have a Bud on me and enjoy never reading any information about your class.It will make you more awesome in the long run.