Tuesday, November 24, 2009

When being low on the totem pole is good.

I have been playing my ret paladin quite a bit lately. I am enjoying just going and smashing face in instances. I am respectable dps usually coming in at around 3500. I am no Jong. Of course I am still wearing two greens on my Paladin and cant seem to upgrade the Titansteel Destroyer to save my life.

Unfortunately, even with my meager 3500 dps, I often times find that I will be in the top 10 of damage done in a 25 man. That is just suck. With the gear level most are rocking these days, I should be above the tank but still towards the bottom.

Today I was happy to be 4th from the bottom in a VOA 25. That meant that everyone was actually doing what they were supposed to be doing.

There was literally nobody outside the tank doing below 3k dps. It was beautiful. One shotted everything in VoA. We are not standing outside Ony 25. Hoping that goes as well. WOOHOO retard check.

Sometimes it is good to be one of the weaker links. It just means that you arent having to pick up everyone else's slack. You should still hold your own.

I heart ret dps.

Update: Smashed Ony 25 and tried to do Ony 10. Ony really sucks if the tanks are fuckwits. DUR DRAG DUH BIG ADD TO DUH WHELPS DURRRRRR.

Also, I am a Pilgrim on Darraxus. Hooray. Another title I will likely never use. Oh, and it is hilarious getting turned into a turkey on your mount. My rogue was a turkey on a mechanostrider.

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