Monday, November 23, 2009

Weekend Update

The weekend is over and I actually got to play quite a bit of WoW yesterday. Now that I have hit the gold cap, I dont really worry about the whole money making thing anymore, so I spent all of my time pew pewing stuff for the most part.

My sister was on and we ended up doing quite a few instance runs on her newly 80 warlock. I was running mostly on my Ret paladin as I was trying to get my t 8.5 Aegis of Been in Carwreck Helm. I ran a few Heroics and a few raids as well. There were some interesting things that happened in a few different places.

I did a VoA 10 on my Warlock that was about half fail. We wiped on Koralon twice. The tanks kept going down and wiping the raid. On the third attempt, it was literally full of win and fail at the same time. Once again, at about 10 percent, the tank bit the dust......but we didnt wipe. The two rogues evasion tanked him for about 9 percent until they got splattered on the ground. I dotted him up before I got splattered. He went down with two healers still standing and nothing else. We then went over to Emalon where we lost one of our DPS and wiped on the first try. Once again, a tank went down at the end and the adds were running amok when we took him down. Thankfully we didnt have all that fail on Archavon.

I also did a Heroic VH where a ret paladin came in with rez sickness......doing 250 dps. When the sickness cleared they did a whopping 1100.....WITH HALF EPICS.

As this post sat half finished I was running a Heroic Nexus with my guild. I love how people in ToC gear dont worry about aggro :P Nexus was the daily and was the very last one I needed for the "Proof of Demise" achievement.

I also started on the wonderfully easy thanksgiving holliday event. I am finished with everything but showering the rogues with feathers. The Turkinator was a pain in the ass, but I made a macro for targeting them and got it right away. I suggest doing your turkey hunting around the Eastvale Logging camp if you are Alliance.

Anyways, that was my weekend. How was yours?


Arioch said...

"I love how people in ToC gear dont worry about aggro"

I've noticed that I'm getting lazier in the older instances. I'm pretty sure the tank can handle it and the healer should be able to keep me up. If we're pulling the entire room at once you better believe there's going to be some AoE coming down. Aggro-schmaggro, I'll just have to kill it faser.

Heywood Djiblomi said...

I went to the other end of the "Half Epic" spectrum, and pulled 4k+ on OS25 with my dual-wield DK. /squee Granted, there are two crafted ilvl245 pieces and ilvl226 weapons/sigil, but there are also two quest greens, and several sub-200 quest blues, too.

Jong said...

"I also did a Heroic VH where a ret paladin came in with rez sickness......doing 250 dps"

omg rofl

Fish said...

I feel a new real men of genius. . . we salute you, Mr Retardadin. . .