Wednesday, November 18, 2009

PvP vs. Punching Yourself in the Junk

Sometimes, this is a very difficult decision. Would I rather get Deathgripped then kidney shotted constantly, or would I rather just save the time and give myself an uppercut to the baby maker?

I can't make this decision for is a case by case basis. If you are geared for some PvP, I think it would be slightly less painful. If you are wearing all PvP gear, then perhaps what you need is a little bit of self inflicted S&M.

PvP is not quite like riding a bike. I stopped PvPing for the most part when I let my Warlock collect dust for several months during the expansion. I did well before, shouldnt I do well now? NO, NO I SHOULDN'T. New PvP spec plus no PvP gear equals OWNED. It is more like knowing how to ride a bike, then when you come back to said bike, you find out that it is now helicopter.....that hates you. Think Night Rider....only as a helicopter.....with an attitude like Bill O'Reilly.

Beside all of the pain and torture, there are some nice parts to PvP. If you enjoy shattering people hopes and dreams one killing blow at a time. If you do, you would be a GREAT in-law. There are times when you will feel almost invincible (especially depending on the class). Unfortunately, I am not a rogue or a death knight. I am a Warlock. Being a Warlock consists of hiding in the back and hoping that Rogues and Death Knight dont notice you conflagrating their faces off. Because if they do, you will soon be treated to the tilt o whirl that is melee PvP.

The tilt o whirl of melee PvP is when the bastards run in dizzying circles around your ass so that you cant target them. It is the single most irritating thing in the game, especially when you are stunned and slowed and there is a rogue sticking a rolling pin up your ass.

I do it for the challenge.....and I am not a fan of punching myself in the junk......not that there is anything wrong with that. If you are running some BGs in the reckoning group and you see a Warlock named Theladon melting faces, feel free to say hello.....or kek while you are killing me if you are a horde.


Paul said...

Rolling pin! Love it. I don't have the hand-eye coordination to keep up with PvP. Especially when they circle you. Keep up the good work.

Fricassee said...

You should give your warrior a shot with Prot PvP. It's pretty fun due to the mobility and stuns, and if you have a pocket healer it makes for a pretty devastating spec.

Unknown said...

I had a good laugh at this. I too hadnt PvP'ed in sometime on my warlock and just recently began again while we are taking a raiding break. At first I felt as you learning to PvP all over again. I have found Destro PvP build with the Succy a lot of fun. Using glyphed Shadow Flame, shadow fury, succy seduce and good use of your portal and those melee encounters become easier. Oh and the damage you can throw out is nice...have fun!

WTF said...

"I do it for the challenge.....and I am not a fan of punching myself in the junk......not that there is anything wrong with that."

fail...there is something very wrong with that lol.

Fish said...

I would say slim advantage to punching myself in the junk, I'm a hockey player, I'm almost used to it and its not unexpected.

The only BG's I will even bother with is as a healer. Then when I inevitably get killed, I expect it and just come back to heal more. I DESPISE people just running around in circles around me. Worst part of the game ever.

Leiandra said...

Yeah, I can't pvp with my mage. They die way too quickly. At least I have a fighting chance with earth sheild and mail armor with my resto shaman.

Anonymous said...

I lol'd IRL at the rogue with the rolling pin. You should seriously PvP with your warrior though. Once you get a few PvP pieces you become a wrecking machine. There's nothing like smacking a lock in the face with your axe. Or reflecting an 8K fireball back at a mage. Get yourself a tree healer and you will be near unstoppable.