Monday, December 5, 2011

The New Heroics......they are FUN! (Darkmoon Faire too!)

As the title says, I got to play all of the new instances this weekend, and I must say....FUCK YEAH.

This is what I like in an instance. They don't take forever. I think I did all three in succession in about the same ammount of time to clear a troll instance. There are legit upgrades in them. I finally got some epic shoulders on my Warrior, which was all that was holding me back from getting Cataclysmically epic. There is an interesting story. It was pretty awesome to fight alongside Illidan and see some of those lore figures.

Auction House news....Holy crap I am selling a lot of gems and enchants. The new instances means more upgrades which means more people buying consumables. I made 50k on both Saturday and Sunday. The only problem, as Illidan would put it was, I WAS NOT PREPARED!!!! Red gems have been selling between 300-500 gold and I have had to buy stacks of ore for 150 plus a stack. What a pain in my ass.

The third big thing for the weekend was the Darkmoon Faire. We went right after it opened on midnight and did all of the dailies before the reset. I must say that I liked this...alot. The dailies are short and fun circus games. No problems. I LOVED the profession quests. Really a great opportunity to get 5 points in your profession if they are not maxed out yet.

The only daily that really annoyed me was the cannon. Mostly because of the fact that I had to run back to the cannon every time. Pro-tip. There is a gnome wearing green next to the water. He will teleport you back for 30 silver. Facepalm.

I have yet to pick up any of the random Darkmoon Faire quest items that you can turn in for rep and tickets. The cheapest ones on the AH are sitting at 1500 gold each. I do not want to pay that much.

My wife was on a pet kick this weekend as she is trying to get to 150 (think she made it to 146). She got the Clockwork bot form the Gnome guy (no idea why she did not have it already), the Black Tabby Cat (I footed half of the bill which was much too expensive), and a friend bought her Lil KT. She got the Fox kit after a few hours of farming (and skinning the mobs). This is her new favorite pet I think. Then we did the quest chain that leads up to ZG to get the little raptor pet. We killed the first boss and then moved on to Mandokir where we killed him in one shot and got the pet. Then we killed the Archaeology boss and kept moving forward. On the way there, my wife died several times in the spouting tiki faces. Much hilarity ensued.

We had a wipe on the whirlwinding mobs inside the temple and went back. We almost wiped once again. The only two remaining were our Rogue and my wife on her Boomkin. She books it for the exit. Rogue dies and the chase is on. She get thru the fire spouts without dying, and about 5 minutes runs out of the instance. We were cracking up the entire time. Unfortunately for our group, I was the only one who got to see it as we were sitting next to each other.

All in all, a great weekend of fun with my wife and friends.


Anonymous said...

The plate shoulders are AWESOME! My warrior got them, they're too awesome to mog. My pally is mogged to T6, i want T4 but cant find anyone to help me with gruuls.

I agree with you 100% I avoided heroics in cata, just got JP gear, but the new heroics (that I've played) are awesome.

Darraxus said...

I ended up mogging them to the T6 warrior shoulders. I have yet to transmog the tanking shield I got yet though.