Monday, December 26, 2011


Good god. I originally typed good I bought over 200 stacks of elementium.....unfortunately, that means that I have to prospect all of that and then process it!

I spent three plus hours doing the shuffle on Saturday while watching football. I feel like I barely got anything done. I cut and vendored around 1000 zephyrite. I still have about 3k of the damn things. I should see if anyone wants to buy in bulk.

I have not been doing much in WoW thanks to the new Star Wars game, but I try to keep up with this....I am thinking about buying more guild bank tabs to store all of the crap.....and just vendoring all of the Zephyrite.

I will never have the time to turn all of those gems into jewelry and disenchant them.

I am considering spending this evening shuffling, but then I also want to play Star Wars.

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