Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Well, I have not been playing a ton of WoW lately, but I am still playing a bit.

It mostly consists of doing the Kaluak dailies for my wife and then doing some auction house things.

Today is the official open for SW:TOR, so I am considering skipping playing TOR today when all of the masses are going online.

I have had some serious issues with TOR that is making my game time almost unplayable. Check out Bloodofmandalore.blogspot.com
Today I may just catch up of processing shuffling materials. I need to prospect a bunch of ore, transmute some gems, create some jewelry and disenchant it. Not the most fun thing ever, but something that I can do while semi AFK.


thrinetu said...

link to other blog is dead

Darraxus said...

Fixed the link.