Thursday, December 1, 2011

Decisions, Decisions.

It is hard to decide what to do. First, I really want to run the new Heroics. Unfortunately, I dont think that will be possible with our group of friends. Second, I wasnt to just run some Heroics for Valor and Justice points. Third, I want to run old raids to get some transmog gear.

Last night, we decided to go with the third option. We went to the Hyjal raid, and everything went well for the most part. We were defeated by the glitch boss on the way from the Alliance camp to the Horde camp. While going over a bridge, it would show a loading screen and then we were suddenly plummeting from the cliff. Not fun.

The only other issue we had was that we did not pick up our Tears of the Goddess before facing Archimonde the first time. We ended up wiping because of the air bursts, but came back and killed him on the next go.

I did not pick up any transmog gear, but I did get the achievement. I had done the first several bosses in BC, but we never got Archimonde down during that time.

In other news, I made about 65k in sales last night and am officially out of inferno rubies. That is over 100k in the first two days of the patch for someone that did not stockpile at all.

I really need to get some more ore to prospect.

I think that this evening, we will run some Heroics. And sometime soon, I think I will teach my wife to heal on her Druid.

Also, Deathwing is already dead on my realm. We are not really an amazing raiding realm. What a joke. And I cant even watch the damn cutscene yet.

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