Monday, December 12, 2011

Why has WoW lost subs? I have a reason for you.....

Some of the player base are complete and utter asshats. People play at different levels. Some are hardcore raiders. Some are just casual players who like to run the occasional instance.

I got to see first hand why some people probably quit this game. People can be complete douchebags.

The other day, my wife, a buddy, and queued up for the new Heroics. My wife was bringing along her Paladin who had not been in them yet.

We get Sylvanas for the first boss. She has never done that fight before.

We end up wiping because the tank goes to a differnt ghoul than he said he would and we get exploded.

We run back in and the Warlock is complaining about my wife's and my friend's DPS. "You aren't even above the tank".

I reply...."Neither are you."

Then he goes on a rant linking a few of the blue items my wife is wearing. Last I checked, you do not need full epics to get into the instance.

He just kept going and going. Unforunately, the vote to kick was on cooldown because we had to kick a tank who DCed immediately after we zoned it.

It is not like they were doing terrible DPS. They were both doin between 12 and 13.5k DPS, which is more than enough for these instances.

The whole situation literally made my wife cry. In real life. This is the reason why I never had her do LFG instances. People can be douchebags. It was a new encounter, her gear and DPS was plenty sufficient, and some asshat decided that it was his mission to make someone feel like shit.

If it was real life, I would have punched the motherfucker in the mouth.

This is the reason why we cant have nice things. What if someone gets into their first ever instance...YAY!!!! Part way through, someone starts talking shit and saying nasty things to them despite there being no problems clearing the instance. That person may say...."Fuck it, Im going to play Skyrim". Not only do you lose a WoW lose a potential future MMO player.

One of my buddies who is hardened to it had a situation that seemed somewhat similar. Tanking an instance on his 50 something warrior, a mage is running ahead and pulling mobs. He asks for the mage to stop. Mage continues to pull. Friend says "I hate impatient DPS who dont wait for the tank". The DPS replied "I hate slow ass tanks". My friend did what I would do. Vote to kick for being a douche. He was out and the instance goes on. Unfortunately, this kind of behaviour my spell the end for players who don't feel the need to be insulted by 15 year old boys who are alt tabbed playing CoD and calling people faggots.

WoW needs and occupy movement....Occupy asshats. Do not put up with them. Flex the vote kick.


Wilhelm Arcturus said...

I've done dungeon finder runs throughout the whole level range with random strangers and generally have had a wonderful time. Maybe one run in 20 has somebody with an attitude issue.

For that it has been the best LFG tool ever.

Then I got to heroics (this was in WotLK) and the ratio suddenly reversed. Basically, I swore them off unless I could do them with the regular group.

My daughter started doing heroics this past weekend. I was watching as somebody started giving her a hard time about her numbers AFTER they downed the last boss. Like there isn't enough trouble in the world.

And it wasn't even like there was a constructive tone to it, some undercurrent of helpfulness. It was just all bile.

I told her to just put in, "We won, what's the issue?" and ignore him after that.

Clockw0rk said...

I had a similar encounter with a jerk today in the new instances; I join with my rogue, group is at Jaina (in the End of Time) and the tank insists on, instead of fighting the trash, going around steathfully and getting the fragments.

"Fine" I think to myself, no big deal. All 16 are gathered no problem, pulls Jaina...2 groups add when she blinks and we wiped. We run back, clear two groups, pull again....she blinks into a third group of trash and we wipe.

Tank goes on a tirade at the healer for not being able to heal him through that.

I should point out that this tank is a DK wearing DPS/PvP gear.

We manage to kill Jaina after the third try, move on to Baine. Healer leaves (I assume because of the verbal abuse). We kill Baine, tanky belt drops, "tank" rolls need and when he wins it he leaves the group.

/sigh, I wish there was a system to punish asshats like that.

TyphoonAndrew said...

We nee a way to rate and exclude players by accounts built into the UI. That way I'll only see the same idiot once. Most of the time when I try to add a cross-realm player to ignore it fails.

Would also be nice to add players to my whitelist, and then include by preference anyone my friend has on their lists as a priority too. Kind of like using friends of friends as a preference.

*vlad* said...

I joined a random last week, and after the very first trash mob, the tank said "DPS is shit". I checked recount and we were doing 18-20k dps each. How to kill people's enjoyment of a game in one comment.

Anonymous said...

A) I totally agree with you. People are douchebags. None of the fights in the new instances are "DPS checks" except MAYBE Murozond which you get 5 tries at.

B) 10-15k seems completely average DPS for those instances, less and you either aren't playing right or don't meet the gear level to enter, more and WTF are you doing running it? You're prolly wearing more than 378ilvl gear.

C)It is REALLY hard to out DPS the tank in 5 mans. The tank usually AOE's mobs and they go down too fast for DPS to outpace them. On certain fights, sure. I had a healer bitching about my "tank geared warrior" Cuz I had ONE piece of tank gear on, the JP chest. It obviously really hindered me as I was top DPS and pulled around 15k. I don't raid, I just want easy cool looking gear and VP. . .


Anonymous said...

The last group I was in kicked a healer that complained about the dps and debated with the tank from the time we started until the time we kicked him. He said he was being "social".

Anonymous said...

For all the reasons mentioned I absolutely refuse to pug heroics and as a result, since Cata launched have found my toons falling further and further behind the gear curve. I used to compensate with crafted items to stay competitive but the prices on the AH these days are totally ridiculous and as a result am just about ready to quit the game I love to play.

Bristal said...

I'm not disputing that people act like asshats, but making the Gevlon-esque leap that the ARE asshats and deserve severe punishment is not helpful.

All players have a back story which is invisible to us in any group, even a guild run.

Your wife's story is that she's new, excited, and a bit nervous, not to mention potentially emotionally sensitive. If we're playing face to face, that is obvious and we adjust our expectations and attitudes. Hell, most would love to play with a giddy player just to get the contact high.

But we're not face to face.

What If the asshat's backstory is that he's 16, normally plays with extremely direct and impatient players his age, has recently been berated for a poor gear choice, and has a generally shitty life.

If we were face to face, we'd also adjust our attitude toward him.

Not making excuses for rude behavior, merely pointing out that in a video game, expecting manners and social skills to follow real life isn't reasonable.

Now if you had whispered this guy, "hey, that's my wife, she's a little new at this and you're really hurting her", and he kept on, then he IS an asshat.

But as far as he was concerned, he's playing with 4 other players just like himself.

Totally agree that the awkward and abrupt communication of a chat panel is damaging the amazing potential of a peerless social game.

And we come back to realID. Love it, hate it, there is no other way to legislate personally responsible social behavior.

Other than that, thicken your skin or don't play.

Darraxus said...

@ Bristal: Your background does not give you the right to be a dickhead.

Not everyone is used to being insulted over the internet because of a game. I have thick skin and will dish it back. Not everyone is the same. You shouldt have to put up with abuse because someone else did. That is stupid. Thicken your skin or dont play is an incredibly ignorant comment.

And no, I am not going to relate to a stranger that "Hey, this is my wife, you are hurting her feelings, be nice." Most douche bags would probably just lol and keep on, pissing me off even further.

Perception is reality. If you act like an asshat, you are an asshat.

Bristal said...

I totally agree that my concluding statement was a bit blunt. That happens with the written word. I apologize.

My point is that if you choose to play with random players, it's like picking up a hitchhiker or 4 in the dark. Can't see em, they can't see you.

You will certainly meet some characters. Some have an axe to anonymously grind. Many assume that the other players are just like themselves, and that they better attack before attacked. They may be drunk, stoned, over caffienated, hungry, cranky, recently unemployed, abused, mean and any other bad thing you can imagine.

But more often you will meet very patient, educated, and awesome people. Ahem.

Obviously you know this, and put up with the risk (i.e. ignore it) as long as you're with "the guys". But bring along a more vulnerable person, and suddenly you want the rules to inexplicably change.

But suggest that the answer is to take some personal responsibility and not pick up hitchhikers and I'm a dickhead.

But, then, your infallible perception is of course reality. You did hurt my feelings, and I apologize if I hurt yours.

Perhaps my point would have been better written: "...or avoid playing with anonymous strangers on the internet."

Perception is not reality, because it is so often misunderstanding.

Darraxus said...

@ Bristal:

I certainly agree that playing with rude players is a hazard of the random dungeon finders, but I still do not think it is acceptable behavior regardless of cicumstances.

Sorry if I hurt your feelings. My feelings were not hurt, I am just fiercly defensive when it comes to my wife.

I also agree that for the most part people are friendly, however, that one dickhead can ruin it for someone who isnt expecting to get blinsided in a game.