Friday, December 23, 2011

Everyday I'm Shufflin'

Not a lot going on for me in WoW at the moment due to my playing TOR. However, I still need to shuffle.....a lot. I have so many stacks of uncommon gems that need to be turned into jewelry and disenchanted. I already have a ton of mails to disenchant. I have a little bit of ore to shuffle which means more of both.

Bah. Ore prices are still ridiculously high, which is fine I guess since inferno rubies are still ridiculous. When I have Inferno Rubies, they are selling for between 400-600 gold each. I just cringe at buying ore at 150 gold per stack. At least other gems sell pretty well.

I have not run any instances since TOR came out. I probably wont for quite some time. If TOR doesnt fit the loading screen issues, at least I know that I will have something to do.


Arioch said...

What's your threshold for ore prices if rubies are at 400g? I feel like I have rotten luck with prospecting and it never feels worth it. But ruby prices are way up at the moment and I'm almost out of my stash for my personal use.

Darraxus said...

I will usually buy under 150 gold, but I dont do the actual match to figure it out. I can also sell some of the ember topaz and demonseye for over 100 gold.