Friday, December 9, 2011

Has capping valor points ever been this easy?

Well, yes it has, but not since the days of Wrath.

The new Heroics are loot Pinatas and I love it. I have basically capped or will have capped my Warrior, Druid, Paladin, and Shaman as of today. I may work on some of the others this weekend.

I am having a great time. The instances are short and sweet, and there are worthwhile rewards.

I did a couple of regular Heroics on my Shaman to get of appropriate gear level for the new Heroics. The old ones took longer and in some cases were harded.

I am now rocking all kinds of shiny gear.

Everyone in our friends group is having a good time too. We have gotten the instances down to a science and take about 20 minutes per instance. And with the upgrades, our DPS continues to go up.

This is a win for a group such as ours. We have time to do a couple of Heroics in the evenings and get actual upgrades, rather than maybe finishing one and probably getting nothing.

Capping valor is easy....and I am glad for it.

With LFD now being something I do quite often, I have seen a few douchebags come out of the blue.

First was a DK tank. I was on my mostly blue geared ret paladin. We are doing End Time. While doing the Sylvanas encounter, we wipe. We ask if he can mark which target we are going to kill. He replies "Just hit what I am hitting...its not hard". He refuses to mark the target. I can tell this guy is a major douchebag.

Then we get the Baine encounter. We take it down and the two handed axe drops. Mr DK tank types "THAT IS MINE". I roll need and win it. He proceeds to call me a blue geared retard or some such and leave group. Since when are you entitled to loot? Oh, since never, that is when.

The next one was a priest healer with Pwn in his name. First, he was letting people die on bosses while he still had basically a full mana bar. I was constantly sitting at 30 percent health with him rocking a full mana bar. After the Tyrande fight in End Time, he says "Would help if you interrupted the Star thing."

To which I replied "We interrupted every one of those except for the last one you dipshit". I linked the recount showing a total of 10 interrupts. He didn't say shit.

After we killed the last boss, he says "Have fun at school tomorrow" and leaves group. Someone with pwn in their name and not paying attention accused us of being the little kids.

Mostly LFD has been good, but the asshats are out there as well.


Kara said...

I've had much more pleasant instance runs in LFD of late myself. Most of the reason I didn't run alts in dungeons was the length + probability of not getting upgrades + my penchant for finding every jerk in LFD possible.

These new instances are FANtastic. Instancing should never be a tribulation. I know that after a month or so, we'll probably have more jerks in the 3 new ones... but even with jerks they can be doable and endurable... at least with the jerks I've had.

Anonymous said...

Man I am in the same boat. I am back now because I only play for an hour a night so these new dungeons are awesome. I have had good runs until last night. I had a DK roll need on the Agi trinket with the proc haste. I was dumbfounded but oh well its just pixels.

Darraxus said...

@ Askevar: I agree with you completely. I have several undergeared alts mainly because the effort was not worth the reward. That has now changed.

@ Anon: Having limited time would previously make instances un-doable. It really sucks when your choice are stunted due to time a game.