Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Decided to give refer a friend a go

And I refered myself lol. Got a second trial account and ran both games at the same time. Ran suprisingly well actually. I created a Tauren warrior and druid. In less than an hour I got to level 7 and I am still in the very beginning starting area lol. The XP gains from quests are awesome I must say.

I just made to Druid follow the Warrior. The Druid does absolutely nothing besides the occasional heal and buffing his mark of the wild.

The bad thing about a trial account is that I cant trade with anyone or use the mailbox, so he has to generate his own cash.

Im going to go at it again tonight and see if I cant get to somewhere between level 20-30. I dont think it should be difficult as the quests just burn chunks of XP.


Fettsbounty said...

See. Multi boxing it isn't bad. Just annoying when it comes to loot quests. I ended up macroing a follow so n so command and putting it in my middle mouse click bind spot. So loot and follow. Another limitation of trial accounts is a stop at level 20

Darraxus said...

Bleh only level 20? Guess Ill have to buy the retail version and the two months tonight then.