Monday, September 15, 2008

Weekend Pew Pew

Did a few things over the weekend.

Went into Sunday at 1643, got up to 1680something and ended the day at 1585. Faced a Rogue with brutal shoulders and weapons in that bracket and barely lost. Also faced some Gladiators. GG blizzard.

On Saturday night I actually did a Kara run as there were several people who wanted to go. I brought along the pally for heals, and despite it taking about 4 hours we cleared the whole thing. We had no Pally tank and our druid offtank only had like 14K HP buffed. I am just trying to build up money before the expansion, so I used my badges on gems and put them on the AH.

The leveling of my Horde toons is going great. I downloaded Quest Helper which is a very big help. I now have my Warrior and Druid both up to 36. The biggest problem for me is I dont have hardy any damn money. I have about 15 gold between both toons and I can barely afford the training every other level let alone a mount. I have been ganked a few times, but the last one who did I got down to 50 percent before he killed me. He was ?? level to me. I think when Warhammer comes out, I may give it a try as it looks like alot of fun.

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