Tuesday, September 2, 2008


So, I started leveling a Tauren warrior on a PVP server, and leveling is soooooo slow. This gave me an idea.

I have a friend who want to get the refer a friend for the xp bonus as do I. I also want to level up some Hordies so I can see what it feels like to win at PVP. This is what I was thinking. Instead of both of us getting a new account and multi boxing, one of us could get the new account and one of us get the Zevra. The one who gets the new account buys the retail versions of the game, but the one who gets the Zevra pays for the two month subscription. Since the one getting the Zevra get two free months its like getting a free Zevra and 3x XP bonus.

I really want a Tauren Warrior and Tauren Druid.

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