Monday, September 8, 2008

Weekend Progress

So, I did a number of things this weekend. Ill just break it down in categories I guess.


I actually did arena on 3 of my 70s. I broke even on my Warlock with Mura, and then helped out one of my buddies get his 3 70s some points. The thing is that his characters are not nearly as geared. I ran my warrior with his holy paladin....who was wearing a cloth dress (the one from Zulaman) and like 1 piece of PVP gear. We actually one a few, but I kept commenting on how he should be using his star shards (since he looked like a priest lol).

Then I got on my Holy paladin and got his Rogue and Mage some games. His rogue is in all blues. Not a single epic. With two Ced's carvers. We did 3 games and went 1-2. Then he hopped onto his mage who actually had 3 or 4 pieces of pvp gear. We went 4-3 with that combo.

I didnt run Kara for the 2nd or 3rd week in a row, but some friends needed a healer for the second half so I brought in my pally. There was only one other healer, who was also a paladin. We 1 shotted Aran, Illhoof, and Chess. Then we went to Prince and wiped twice on stupid stuff before taking him down. We then went and did one attempt on Spite, but retards wouldnt get in the green beam and let him get healed. At this point I told them I had to get some sleep (it was already 3 am lol). I got Gorehowl for my Ret set for when I start leveling again (if I level my Alliance toons) in Wrath.

Rollin with the Hordies:
So, recruit a friend is going very good. I got my Warrior/Druid combo to level 26 and Im still in Stonetalon. I liked much of the zone until I got to the charred vale. Why must the harpies travel in packs of 5. That area has way too many mobs. I am thinking of heading into Ashenvale to perhaps do some quests there. It is very nice to turn in a level 25 quest and get 6k XP for it. The only problem I am having is that my second toon lags and has a hard time following my warrior, so I annoyingly have to stop quite often and wait for him to catch up. I may try a mod to help with this. I even healed/tanked WFC at the same time. That run started interestingly. The original pally tank ninjaed a green cloth item then left the group. People are so weird. The guild name was Dirty Deeds, and I wonder if that is a rite of initiation for them.

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