Thursday, September 11, 2008

Never forget.......

Today is 9/11. Never forget the lives that were lost. Never forget. Never forgive.

On a less serious note, I did some arena yesterday with Ben and we actually won a few games on his horribly geared rogue. All blues+one green+no pvp trinket=fail?

I also gained another two levels on my Horde toons and they are now up to 29. I dont have near enough money to get their mounts. I finished up a few quests in the charred vale in Stonetalon (that place sucks), then I headed to Ashenvale where I completed a few other quests. I should hit 30 and beyond the next time I play. I am actually hoping that I will be able to hit 40 this weekend. I took me 1 day /played to get my toons to 29. Not a bad start I think. I started these toons a week ago.

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