Friday, September 5, 2008

WoW domestic disputes

These are the things you will hear as an avid WoW player with a significant other. I know alot of you out there have a wife, husband, boyfriend, or girlfriend who just does not get it.

"I wish you spent less time on that game and more time with me"

Translation: "I want you to do the shitty things I want to do all the time with me rather that you doing something you enjoy".

I find this one very laughable due to the fact that I usually only really play on Weds, Saturday, and Sunday.

"Why cant you snuggle me tonight instead of playing that stupid game"

Translation: "Why dont you come over here and be bored out of your mind for 4-5 hours while I sleep?"

Perhaps me being a man is what makes it so hard for me to understand this. I dont require someone to be all up on me while im sleeping......because IM SLEEPING!!!! Also, I snuggle with you every other day of the week....and you never once say "Why dont you go play WoW tonight". This is not a two way street.

"Just go and play your game"

Translation: "Im mad at you now, and I can use this as an excuse to be more mad at you later because you played your game instead of hnaging out with me. The fact that I told you to do it is irrelevant."

This is a lose-lose situation, so if you have to lose you might as well play WoW while you are at it.

"I dont want to leave my parents yet because I dont want it to seem like we are eating and running"

Translation: "I know you have your weekly raid planned, and we have been here for 4 hours, but I am going to make you sweat a bit and then throw a fit when we get home and you log on immediately instead of spending more time with me."

These sound harsh, but they are very true. I wouldnt trade my fiance for anything in the world, but I wish she would be more understanding about WoW. Like when I am understanding about her watching Dr. Phil, The Hills, America's next Top Model, One Tree Hill, and Gilmore Girls all in a fricking row.

What kind of experiences do you folks have with this kind of thing?


Chrom said...

It is unreal how much this post hits home for me. Thank you for making me laugh, hard.

Cly said...

'Fraid I'm biased on this - my fiance and I both play, so it's not "Why are you always on that game!", it's more likely to be "Can you run me through Deadmines again? Er, whoops, you're in heroic Mech, nemmind." Or "Hon, come help me do dailies. I don't wanna respec." Et cetera. We still have WoW domestic disputes though - we've both rerolled multiple times (me to his server, him to my server, both of us to a friend's server, both of us to a completely new server) in an effort to find a guild we're both happy with. The one I remember the most happened when his toon on my realm had just hit 70 and I was offered a spot in a Sunwell guild - which would be great fun, but would have ensured I wouldn't be able to spend ANY ingame time raiding with him due to progression requirements. That sort of thing.

Our families, on the other hand, are definitely in the "just don't get it" camp. I can't count how many times I've heard about how much time I spend on the computer playing 'that game.' Never mind that when I was younger I did the same with every book I could get my hands on, and when my brother got the n64 it was the Zelda games, and so on...:)

Tom said...

I hate to say it, but getting married is isn't going to help your situation any... Fortunatly for you, you were playing WOW before you're married so she know's it comes with the package, no matter how bitchy she gets about it.

My wife has come to a grudging acceptance over time. I guess that's better then nothing :)

Darraxus said...

Lol, I wish mine played. That would make it AWESOME. Last night she had to go to bed at around 5 PM because she had to be up early. Sundays are one of my WoW nights. And of course she tried to throw a fit because I wouldnt go to bed with her that early lol.