Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Not enought time for everything.

I dont have enought time to do everything I want to do as far as games go. I want to play Warhammer, but I also kinda want to level my Druid/Rogue combo up to 70 (they are at 15 currently). I guess I could split what time I have between them, but I dont know if that is optimal. I think what I will probably do is just stop running karazhan altogether. I dont really need anything out of there, and it seems like a gigantic waste of 3-4 hours of gaming time at this point. I could be gaining 10 level in recruit a friend or PvPing my ass off in Warhammer.

The good thing about my Druid Rogue combo is that it is on my main server. Which means I have access to cash flow and friends who will run me thru instances (it seems a bit hokie to be running two toons thru a pug at the same time).

I have plenty of cash for the expansion, but I am just torn on what to do. If I level my Rogue and Druid to 60, I can use all the level grants on my Dwarf Hunter and then transfer the Rogue to my main account I suppose.

Is anyone else having these same issues?


Fettsbounty said...

Yeah.. definately not enough time for everything. But for me it also doesn't help that lately been working OT and I just want to relax when I get home. Then when I feel like playing, it's not a good time because I still have to get up early for work.

Darraxus said...

Yeah, I think maybe Im just going to level my Rogue and Druid and give Warhammer a rest until I can get a better machine. Not sure yet.