Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day

I labored all damn weekend with PVP. I got my season 4 neck on my Warlock and proceeded to have one of the most annoying Arena weekends ever. We started out at about 1716 and were hoping to creep towards 1800. Instead, we ended up around 1530. Then we got back to 1698. Then back down to 1570. Then we finished after 100 plus matches at around 1650.

The problem I have is that we keep seeing teams with full season 3/4 (season 3 shoulders and weapon). We have also seen some teams that have their brutal weapons. We got mashed by a rogue with both of his Brutal Swords. I was glad to see that it wasnt just my team as well. Mura also went from 1820 to 1700 on his Shaman/Warrior team. I cant stand players getting carried to high ratings by super players. I want a chance to push my way to 1800 and beyond, but it is very difficult when 2000 rated players are starting back over and ruining my time in arena.

I also did some games on my warrior and had quite a bit of fun. I am going to save up for the season 2 sword to replace my season 1 axe (why the hell did I get the axe?). I am missing a few PVP pieces, so I am only at 269 resilience. I am running twos with a Holy Paladin atm, which can be somewhat difficult due to to the fact that pretty much all of his heals have a cast time and are easy to kick/pummel or put curse of tongues on.

Sometimes PVP makes me want to put my fist thru my monitor. Sometimes it is epic. I beat a Frost mage and a Druid on my Warlock after my Ret Pally arena partner died. That felt epic. Losing around 200 arena rating in a single day feels like epic fail and makes me want to kick puppies.


Tom said...

I hear you, that's why I get particularly angry with people that say PVP/arena gear is welfare. Putting up with this kind of crap earns you the gear, I don't care what anyone says.

Darraxus said...

Yeah, Arena is really the only in game activity that makes me want to put a hole through my monitor. It can be that frustrating.