Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Decisions, Decisions.

I think I many have chosen WoW over Warhammer. At least for now. I can run two copies of WoW at the same time and can use my refer a friend to get some quick 60s before the expanison. On the other hand, I have Warhammer. It is great fun, but I cant really handle the immense lag and graphical slowdowns I have experienced on my older rig. Hopefully I will be getting a new one before soon which will give me a choice. For now I think its WoW.

I have been preparing for WoW as best I can. I have about 7k gold saved up on my toons and they are all geared and ready to go. I am also going to try to level the above mentioned toons before Wrath hits. I still need to get my Warrior's fishing to 375 as well. May go do it in Nagrand as the Spell Damage food sells very well and the Agility food is a bonus.

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