Sunday, September 28, 2008

Killing World Leaders

Well, my guild has officially stopped raiding until the expansion. Alot of whinging and whining about how loot rules shouldnt be changed if we have to bring in pugs (which basically means pugs wont want to come). So last night we went and killed Cairne Bloodhoof and the two leaders of Silvermoon. Unfortunately I didnt get a screen shot of Cairne this time but still have a screenshot for the last time.

Caire is very easy. We 8 manned him the first time, and easily 15 manned him this time. He hits like a little girl, and summons some adds from time to time. The adds can be very easily AOED down.

The guys in Silvermoon are another story. We werent fully prepared the first time and wiped as one of them hit HARD. Like 3.5k a hit, and he hits fairly fast. The other guy mana burns. We went in the second time and wiped the floor with them and about 4-5 Horde who tried to stick their nose in there.

It was alot of fun, and there is supposed to be an achievement where you get a bear mount if you kill all of the world bosses.

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