Monday, September 29, 2008

Weekend Stuff

I had a pretty goos weekend as far as WoW goes. I did not run Kara this week as I think it is pretty much a huge waste of time. I leveled my Druid/Rogue combo from 18-28, and could have gotten more, but I felt like doing other things in game.

As I posted earlier, we went and killed two world leaders. It is actually alot of fun running thru Horde Capital cities then wiping out their leaders.

I finally got my fishing to 375 on Darraxus. It was about time. It wasnt really all that bad of a grind for the last 5 or so points. I did my fishing in Nagrand and should make a decent bit of money off of the fish that I caught.

I also finally got into the arena grove again. Me and Mura started the evening 15-4 before dropping the last 3 and finishing at 1648. We were all the way up to 1690, but the three losses dropped us back down. I anticipate climbing higher in the rankings once the new patch hits. I will be picking up my season 4 chest as soon as the points roll over.

I also got my GF to play a little bit of WoW. Not very much, and I am not very patient when she is playing. Every single time I say "left" she goes right and vice versa. We went and got her a Wolpertinger and picked some flowers for a bit. I told her that when she claps and cheers for her pet it makes him happy. So she did it a lot and it was very cute. I will have to post the screenshot that I took. She has one of the most worthless pets in the game (a crab), but she really does love OhnoUdidnt (thats what she named it lol).


megan said...

Awesome. Is she going BM so Ohnoudidnt Intimidates and goes into a frenzy? Seems fitting.

Darraxus said...

Of course! Big red crab for the win. OhnoUdidnt does not feel fear or remorse, and cannot be stopped until killed.